Improve your outbound communications and increase reach and response rates with interactive voice messaging. By using voice for announcements, confirmations or surveys you can quickly and effectively deliver your message and receive instant feedback.

Call2api provides a simpler way to add voice messaging to your contact strategy by integrating seamlessly with our broadcast platform, taking advantage of cloud based technology with a real pedigree.

The ability to quickly build call flows using our online editor means that you can be up and running faster and with the platform handling the scheduling, retries and call interaction your overall development effort is greatly reduced.

The website might be shiny and new, but the platform is a mature, tried and tested service that's been operational for 10 years. The team that built and maintain the platform are available for direct, expert and responsive support making Call2api the smarter choice.

See how in 3 easy steps you can add the power of voice to your applications.

Our online voice template editor allows the quick and easy creation of your own customised voice messages ranging from simple announcements and confirmation messages to complex surveys.

Pre-defined components for playing messages, option selection, PIN confirmation or recording messages are linked together to create a call flow that meets your requirements. Individual messages can be personalised using text to speech (TTS) or dynamic audio prompts.

Step 1 - Config
Step 2 - Invoke

Send a voice broadcast of your template using a simple XML request.  Set parameters such as retry handling, number of simultaneous calls, add data for reporting or call customisation and let the platform do the rest.

We'll tell you exactly what happened to your voice broadcast, including the connection status, the path through the call flow and call duration.

Results can be sent via a call back to your application, obtained using an XML request or viewed in the online web interface.

Step 3 - Report